Screening Services

While we know that we can’t help every family, we still believe that careful screening is an essential part of hiring the right caregiver. We realize that screening a candidate can be time consuming for busy parents and daunting if you’re inexperienced at hiring household employees. In order to assist families who have identified viable candidates on their own, we’ve created a comprehensive candidate screening package that includes:

  • An initial discussion with the client to gain an understanding of the position they are filling and why they are considering the applicant.
  • A phone interview with the applicant to assess work history, childcare experience, communication skills and understanding of the job.
  • Three reference checks using our custom childcare reference verification.
  • A background check that includes verification of social security number, driving record check, national criminal and sex offender registry check and check for criminal convictions in the counties where they've lived. This background check covers the last seven years.
  • A final written report and evaluation of the candidate.

This entire candidate screening package is available for only $395.

When you contact North Shore Nannies to conduct a background screening, you’re getting:

  • Over 20 years of nanny placement and human resources experience
  • Our experience conducting and analyzing thousands of nanny screenings
  • Licensed employment counselors who are alert to ‘red flags’ that may appear during screening
  • Expert analysis of the screening results
  • A comprehensive evaluation of your candidate

Let the experts at North Shore Nannies provide you with a ‘second look’ at your candidate, giving you peace of mind to make an informed hiring decision. You can feel confident that we will provide accurate information allowing you to make the best childcare decision for your family.

To get the process started, click here for an order form or give us a call at 847-864-2424.