Permanent Positions

At North Shore Nannies, we have been placing professional nannies in excellent positions since 1991. We want to help you find the very best job possible – one that comes closest to matching your needs and experience level – with a salary that recognizes your abilities.

Over the years, we have learned how to help our candidates distinguish themselves. We are happy to share our experience with you.

Here’s how North Shore Nannies can support you in your search for your next great family:

  • You’ll have the chance to thoroughly discuss your goals for your job search with us. We’ll offer a realistic assessment of those goals based on our knowledge of current market conditions.
  • We’ll help you identify and highlight your areas of particular strength so that you’re positioned to stand out from other candidates.
  • As you prepare for personal interviews with families, we’ll help pinpoint areas of weakness and figure out the best answers to commonly voiced objections.
  • We will only introduce you to families who come closest to meeting your needs. We won’t waste your time sending you on interviews that aren’t right for you.
  • All of our client families are pre-qualified for their willingness to offer competitive salary and benefits packages.
  • Agency staff will schedule all your personal interviews with families and email you with the details when your appointments are confirmed.
  • While we encourage families and nannies to communicate directly about job offers and compensation, we’ll assist you in finalizing all the details of the employment offer you decide to accept.

It's our goal to give nannies and families the tools they need to make educated choices throughout their search and to make sure everything is in place to get you off to the best possible start in your new job. BUT we want you to continue to stay in touch with us. We're happy to hear from you at anytime whether you need some advice, support or just want to tell us how well things are going!

At North Shore Nannies, we believe the nannies we place are our most important business asset. Our reputation among nannies is vital to the continued growth of our agency. We strive to treat all candidates with consideration, professionalism and honesty and to support your job search in the most constructive way possible. We look forward to working with you.