Screening Process

We produce results for our client families through our continuous recruiting and screening efforts. Candidates are identified through a variety of resources - classified advertising, on-line job sites, social media, college placement offices and word of mouth referrals. We maintain an extensive database of candidates we've worked with the over last 20 years and are always thrilled when nannies we have placed in long-term positions return to us for new placements when their assignments end.

Families using our service can be confident that candidates have met our basic requirements for representation:

  • A minimum of three years professional childcare experience.
  • The ability to provide a verifiable work history.
  • A minimum of three childcare references (must be non relatives).
  • Fluency in English.
  • Legally able to accept employment in the United States.
  • A high school diploma though many candidates have education beyond that level.

Qualified candidates who have been through our screening process have completed these checks:

  • Prescreening online application is submitted by interested applicants and reviewed by agency staff. Online applications are assessed for written English skills, basic experience and marketability.
  • A phone interview is conducted by agency staff to assess spoken English skills, ability to meet agency requirements and provide references.
  • Extensive employment application requires applicants to document seven years of employment history, their education and complete an inventory of skills and duties they are interested in.
  • Personal interview. Candidates spend 45 minutes with agency staff. We conduct a thorough review of their work history and childcare experience. Includes open-ended questions to assess knowledge of developmentally appropriate practice, standards of professionalism and a true desire to work with children.
  • Childcare references checked. Each reference is personally checked by agency staff using our custom-designed format with both open-ended and yes or no questions.
  • Employment is verified going back 7 years.
  • Enhanced criminal background checks are conducted by an independent security firm. These include social security verification, national criminal and sex offender registry check, check for criminal convictions in counties of residence. We also verify drivers license number, state of issue, status and any violations.

At North Shore Nannies, we are looking for candidates who demonstrate a true desire and ability to work with children. Our recruiting and screening efforts are designed to produce results that can only be obtained through a full-service agency, offering our client families a high-end, streamlined experience.