Job Search Tips

Today’s job market is difficult and competition for great nanny jobs is intense. It’s best to be prepared at every step of the way, so that there is no reason to eliminate you from consideration.

Here are out top ten tips for job searchers:

  1. Make sure you’re able to fully document your work history and that your references are prepared to hear from potential employers.
  2. Be ready for your personal interviews. Make yourself available, be presentable, show up on time (not too early and never late)
  3. Have prepared questions to ask during your interviews. This way if there’s a lull in the conversation you can help move it along and you’ll have a basis for comparison among families
  4. Having presentation materials will set you apart from many other candidates
  5. Be prepared to answer questions about yourself.
  6. Be prepared to explain how you can bring value-added to their family
  7. Understand their needs and talk about how you can best meet them.
  8. Listen to their questions and be sure to provide direct answers
  9. Jot down notes immediately after your interview, so you’ll remember the family and the details of the job.
  10. Send a thank you note.